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As I drive around I
notice that everywhere that a child is born.
Bend, and worship, says the sign.
It is ironic that about fourty million
children are neglected,
that up to fifty
percent say they are physically abused, and
about six children will commit suicde
before this day has set.
And we're supposed to be a Christian
Under God.
As parents send their children to the streets
or to a clinic to change who their child loves-
as if the fact they could say it wasn't brave
and pure enough to make it real.
And the picketing conues even though a
straight man rapped about his uncles' love
despite gay artists have sung about it for decades.
Tegan and Sara and Levi Kreis be damned
because they're not straight.
Just sing out the guilt about how the child doesn't
into your perfect world. This one sized classroom
works for all with the memorized facts of Rosa Parks
yet unable to rely the info of her soul, how her
courage gave tons of individuals across ethnicities to
So okay, lay back in your arm chair.
Stare me down.
I know I don't fit your mold.
This doesn't mean I can't teach your
children how to pass
through their anger
into joy.
I wrote this last night and it was something that has been circulating in the back of my head for awhile. Where I live, there is a billboard that reads: A child is born. The rest of it is a nativity scene. All I could think of was the irony of the exclusion: many "Christians" (read Fox News) claim that the Christmas Spirit is "gone." And then I think about how they exclude everyone else but themselves. I thought about my own "exclusions" and the children I counsel. So what is written is from a very angry perspective yet rather hopeful.

Stats referenced come from this site:…
Yes, I know. They're a few years old. I think they're still relevant.
As I stood next to my cousins
late one night, I was told
about my aunt's vices
and felt that they were my own. It
was if the circdus had
taken residence in my soul.
Come one and all! Look at
the man who makes the Hulk
look like a monk! The man
who loves men yet who do
not love him back despite
them openly cheating on him
and showing no interest!
He also doubles as
Lord Grey!

Late the next night, I sat
next to my cousins.
As I listened to them
extol her virtues. They
described her as a paladin with
the patience of a saint and
Hyperion might. I felt like
like our coat of arms were the same except
hers was stained yellow
while mine hung on a rack
reflecting books.

As I stood in the cementary,
late the following night, I wondered
who I was grieving for
as I heard them bellow
"All is right with my soul,
it is right with my soul."
I looked at
the waves of faces.
Again, who am I grieving for
as I place the lily on
the soggy ground?
Late night
I wrote this a few weeks ago. My Aunt died right before Thanksgiving. This is just some bilbliotherapy for me. It's been a rough for me because I had two deaths in my family, on different sides, almost back to back. I don't know how much peace it gave just had to come out.
I don't know how many folks are interested in my personal life, though though those who follow me have probably noticed that for the past month I've been favoring and commenting off and on.

So here's what happened: I moved and started working. My apartment recently got Internet so I'm planning on being more active again.

Other than that, life is fine and consists of the usual adult stuff: solid and enjoyable work, shifting stuff around so my home looks homey, figuring out what to cook, and, of course, constantly wondering the same adult fear of everyone else: Am I really able to make ends meet?
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United States
A gaymer who likes Romanticism, narrative, and a bunch of other things that may or may not be related.

Ps. My avatar is from Might and Magic 8, one of my favorite dungeon crawler series.

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